The krama of Cambodia : a trendy fashion accessory and ethics

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Each scarf collections by the french brand Krama Krama is hand made by our partner Krama YuYu, Siem Reap in Cambodia and we are proud of the bond we share. The work done by the weavers who are trained by the NGO and are paid fairly for sure fill your expectations. So you can proudly wear your Cambodian scarf for a fashion, trendy and ethic style. The krama, the new must-have !

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About Krama, the cambodian scarf

kramaThe precise origins of Krama are confused, it is hard to tell how this cambodian scarf became a real symbol over generations, a major part of the Khmer identity. Cambodians use it in everyday life, this scarf is an opportunity to differentiate people (Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, …). The Krama is iconic and has become in dress codes for children, men and women. This cotton fabric is present in all environments (urban, rural). For residents, the Krama has a large value, it accompanies the Cambodians in their daily tasks.

The Krama is a symbol of Cambodia, this is a legacy. Brand Krama Krama is engaged in continuing this legacy of generations all over the world. Each piece of Krama Krama scarves collections is hand made by Krama YuYu, Cambodian NGO located in Siem Reap. We are proud of this collaboration.

You can read the story of krama in Cambodia

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“My order has arrived, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful, and in addition, there are a lot of goodies inside! This is perfect! Continue to make discover Cambodia and persevere in your actions that I find amazing.”

“I received my second Cambodian scarf and I adopted it! Congratulations for the quality of your parcels with goodies! I love you!”

“A big thank you for the quality of your service with Krama Krama ! I received my new Krama scarf and I am very satisfied !”

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