Hand weaving

The Cambodian kramas are manufactured in a completely artisanal way on a traditional wooden loom.
Discover on this page the 3 necessary steps for the artisanal preparation of a Cambodian scarf as well as some photos of our weavers hard at work.

krama weaving process

Step 1 : Dye and color

For the krama scarves with natural colors, natural ingredients such as tree barks, leaves and fruits are boiled in a large cauldron to create the natural colors of the krama scarves. The cotton threads are then dyed several times to obtain the desired color and then aired out until they are dry.

Step 2: Preparation of the weaving

The large bobbins of dyed cotton threads are then spun into smaller rolls that can fit the looms.

NGO Cambodian Weaving

cotton color krama

Step 3 : Weaving of the krama

The weaving of the krama can now begin. Eight hours are needed for the completion of a krama scarf (for the standard dimensions of 160 x 55 cm).

weaving krama cambodia