Our Philosophy

Our brand, Krama Krama, is not only a question of fashion, trend, or social business. Above all, Krama Krama is about a country: Cambodia. Our story is one of a crush, which happened as soon as we were in the tarmac of Siem Reap (the most touristic place in Cambodia).

There are some places where you feel so good without knowing why. That was the case during our first day in Cambodia in March 2012. And then, you start to discover the country, and at that time you know why you are so glad to be in Cambodia.

We won’t write Cambodia’s history, because you and we already know it. During the Khmer period, this country had known the worse: almost 20% of Cambodians had been killed. Nowadays, the youth has just one wish: rebuilt the Kingdom of Cambodia.

In 2012, the first scarf “Krama” we saw in Cambodia, was worn by a ten years old child.

In reality, we had a crush for kramas as soon as our Cambodian guide explained to us that kramas have been worn by people for centuries, its utility (it could be used as a hammock, baby sling or bag) and how they weave it. Kramas are part of Cambodia’s heritage.

With Krama Krama our goal is to promote this handicraft and support this traditional know-how. With Krama Krama we want to offer a high-quality fashion accessory, made by weavers in our workshop with good working conditions and fair wages. With Krama Krama we want to be part of the growth of Sala Baï, a school created by the NGO “Agir pour le Cambodge” (Act for Cambodia). Every year, Sala Baï trains for free almost 100 young and disadvantaged Cambodians to tourism jobs. And that’s why we are proud to donate 5 euros for every krama sold in our e-boutique. We are so proud to support this wonderful school, with our own resources.

Lastly, we would like to make you proud of wearing the Cambodian soul. Especially, don’t forget to wear proudly your krama!