Krama Angkorian


This Krama Angkorian takes the foundations and the robustness of the weaving of our model blue Jean by adding the graphic patterns, as a sign of the elevation, in homage to the kings and god who allowed the construction of the temples of Angkor.

Large size (185 x 55 cm), and soft touch, you will wear this model for warmth and to bring a sober originality to your outfits.

The dyeing technique used for this scarf is ikat. The complexity of this type of dyeing comes from the fact that the patterns are dyed on the yarn before weaving. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the positioning of the dyeing of the threads in order to be able to display the patterns of the scarf.

ikat requires a preparation and weaving time (more than 10 hours) to achieve a graphic and harmonious rendering.

We like the modernity of this unique model with the alternation of graphic strips determined on the background jean.

You will wear this Cambodian scarf with pride!

Composition: 100% Cotton
Tincture: Ikat
Size: 185 x 55 cm
Hand-made by our weavers workshop in Cambodia



The weaving technique called “Ikat” was used to make the Angkorian kramas.
We are proud to promote this ancestral weaving technique and to offer Krama Krama scarves made by craftsmen with weavers who are paid fairly and who work in very good conditions.


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