Krama blue Koh Kong


The turquoise and dark blue stripes on the Koh Kong Krama give the scarf an energetic tone and will go well with a large range of clothing. Its soft weaving lets you tie it however you like for a trendy and masterful look.

Composition : 100% Cotton
Dimensions : 67 x 22 in
Hand-woven by our NGO located in Cambodia

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Why the krama Koh Kong?

Koh Kong, a Cambodian province close to Thailand. Koh Kong (not to be confused with the island of Koh Hong, located off the coast of Krabi in Thailand) is several chains from Thailand (80 km from Koh Chang island). This province holds several treats in store for its visitors (not very developed locale, few tourists, rich natural environment). Many families in Phnom Penh go there on the weekends to enjoy the beach.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 67 × 22 in


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