Krama Sala Baï


The krama Sala Baï was crafted to support Sala Bai school in Cambodia. Krama Krama serves 40 scarves to school so that funds are collected to allow the development of this training structure of disadvantaged young Cambodians for careers in the hospitality and catering. These kramas with echoes of Sala Bai school are also available at the school in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Composition : 100% Cotton
Dimensions : 70 x 28 in
Hand-woven by our NGO located in Cambodia

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A few words from the textile designer of this Krama: Magali An Berthon: “The headscarf Sala Bai is a room full of pep inspired by traditional Cambodian kramas, with a Madreas small side. Weaving mixes a set of large tiles and gingham in fruity tones purple and orange colors of the NGO Action for Cambodia / Sala Bai. ”

5 euros donated to the school Sala Bai for every scarf purchased. For more information check out this page


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